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Human Resources International Polska is guided in its operations by the highest quality and ethical standards. We establish precisely the scope of our services and conditions for working with a Client. We produce definable benefits for Clients.   As professionals we act in Clients' best interest and guarantee Candidates' confidentiality.

Agreeing the Basis for Working Together

  • Analysis of the Client’s requirements and objectives
  • establishment of the scope of work to be performed and of how HRI will work with the Client,
  • specification of the deadline for completion of the project – for recruitment projects on average about four weeks from the date of signature of the contract,
  • after detailed discussion of the project definition of the fee and payment conditions, and
  • establishment of a guarantee on recruitment services of from three to twelve  months.

Stages of the Recruitment Process

  • Discussion with the Client of description of the position and the profile of the ideal Candidate,
  • definition of search strategy and recruitment method,
  • initial selection on the basis of documents received and telephone interview,
  • conduct of structured interviews with all potentially appropriate Candidates (confirmation of biographical data, assessment of Candidates’ competences and professional potential, examination of Candidates’ motivation),
  • if the Client so desires, conduct of psychological tests or Assessment Centre study so as to examine selected competences of the Candidate,
  • preparation of detailed confidential reports containing descriptions of professional experience, evaluations of qualifications, and general psychological profiles,
  • despatch to the Client of a set of documents prepared to HRI Polska’s standards, comprising CVs together with reports and a short list of recommended Candidates
  • organisation of presentations of selected Candidates, with from three to five Candidates being presented for a position
  • at the Client’s request, taking up of references, and 
  • optionally, if the Client desires, participation in negotiations on employment of a Candidate.

Benefits for the Client

  • We save your time and efforts, performing professionally and punctually the identification and selection of the best Candidates,
  • we are efficient and effective – we recommend Candidates whose competences and character are fully suited to the culture of the Client’s organisation and the challenges that they face. Only this kind of approach can guarantee long-lasting success,
  • we act professionally – through a proper understanding of the specifics of a sector, role of employees and requirements of particular positions, we represent the Client appropriately in relations with Candidates and take care to cultivate a positive image of your organisation,
  • we act ethically and in confidence – we promise to exercise complete discretion with regard to both Clients and Candidates,
  • we contribute added value – our ongoing observation and research of the market means that we are able additionally to make Clients aware of experienced potential Candidates who appear on the labour market, and
  • we know foreign languages – English, German and Spanish.

Our Achievement

  • We have completed successfully more than 600 projects concerning key managerial and specialist positions in close to one hundred Client companies, both foreign and international, operating in a variety of sectors.
  • We have helped many managers and specialists to advance in their careers.
  • Our Candidates have more than once advanced from local structures to international levels in their organisations.

Let’s work together!

About Us

Human Resources International Polska has been providing consultancy services on Human Resource issues in Poland since 1999. 

We are an exclusive partner of PENTAGON AG, a leading German Executive Search firm.


Human Resources International Polska’s Clients are foreign companies and well-known Polish firms.