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Human Resources International Polska’s Clients are foreign companies and well-known Polish firms.

With a series of business partners the successful conduct of individual projects has turned into be the beginning of long-term cooperation.

Since in our searches we primarily employ  the method of Executive Search and in view of the specific nature of work in the personnel consultancy sector the bulk of our references can be presented only confidentially. We present here fragments from references given to our firm in writing by some of our Clients.

What Our Clients Say:


Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing

We are impressed with your strong understanding of the financial area and professional approach coinciding with the standards of our company.

Flexible approach to our expectations and very good cooperation would allow us to recommend your services to other companies”

Olgierd Bałtaki -Director HR Team



"(…)Samsung Electronics Poland Has been working with HRI and I must say this has been one of the most successful cooperation ever in the area of HR for our company.

The level of professionalism, attention to detail and determination in finding the talents perfectly matching our needs is extraordinary. Very often, while working with HRI, our biggest difficulty does not lie in selecting the best among the candidates, but how to make it possible to employ all of them.

Taking this opportunity, I would also like to express my special appreciation to Ms. Barbara Modecka, the President of HRI, whose customer focus and personal dedication to cooperation aimed at getting the best candidates from the market is the key success factor of HRI (...)"

Małgorzata Mietek-Bechta – Head of HR


Novartis Polska

“ … In the course of jointly undertaken projects the consultants of Human Resources International Polska have proved on many occasions their effectiveness in researching the market and gaining access to a wide circle of potential Candidates. Apart from the professional level of the services provided by the firm, its unusual degree of commitment, its availability and its openness to meeting our highest expectations deserve to be acknowledged. With full conviction I recommend HRI Polska Sp. z o.o. to all firms looking for a professional service in the area of recruitment and for a partner they can trust. …”
Elżbieta Sokołowska, Personnel Director, Poland and Baltic Countries, Novartis Poland


GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

“I am pleased to attest to the solidity of Human Resources International Polska as a trustworthy business partner. … GSK has entrusted HRI with various assignments in the medical area, including highly specialised positions. These searches have not been easy but they have always finished successfully. … Assessing overall our cooperation with HRI, we want to give an unqualified recommendation of the service provided by the firm.”
Ryszard Wożniak, Organisational Development Manager

 “…In our cooperation with Human Resources International Polska we particularly value the integrity with which the firm has approached performance of our assignments and its openness to our expectations in regard of many aspects of our cooperation.”

Ewa Kopeć, Recruitment Manager


Eli Lilly Polska

“I am highly satisfied with our cooperation with the firm Human Resources International, and in particular with its Director, Mrs Barbarą Modecką. HRI guarantees a flexible and professional approach to the problems it has solved and all our joint undertakings have finished in success”

Tomasz Kowalski, Personnel Director



 “Human Resources International Polska is a company that efficiently implements recruitment projects in the medical environment. … I can responsibly recommend the firm HRI as a firm that effectively undertakes recruitment projects in the pharmaceutical environment."

Tomasz Wrzesiński, Authorised Representative



“… Human Resources International Polska has undertaken for our company a series of recruitment projects for middle management positions. …  HRI’s consultants are committed to cooperation, seek to understand needs properly and do their best to respond to them. HRI regularly provides information on the progress of work and responds quickly to requests regarding the implementation of projects. …”
Renata Zrobek, HR Direktor


Telekomunikacja Polska

“ … Cooperation with the firm Human Resources International Polska has been very effective, both from a business point of view and in terms of personal relationships. The firm provides a fully professional level of services. An important element is also the fact that HRI has kept to deadlines at every stage of carrying out a recruitment project. …”
Paweł Kuśmierowski, Director of the Client Relations Department

“Over several years HRI has undertaken for us recruitment projects for specialist, middle management and  senior management positions. Its consultants have a great deal of knowledge of the labour market, commit themselves to assignments entrusted to them, are open to their Client’s expectations and understand its needs. Candidates presented have met our expectations. HRI uses tools that are matched to the needs of the project in hand and facilitate evaluation of candidates."
Zbigniew Krzystoń, Director of the Recruitment and Employee Development Department


Contact Center

“During our cooperation the firm HRI Polska has demonstrated that it is a trustworthy business partner. … HRI Polska does not have standard programmes of action to be followed but, on the contrary, is very flexible and has quickly adapted its methods of working on a project to the individual needs of our organisation. HRI consultants’ proactive approach, high level of professionalism and great knowledge of the market should be emphasised, as should their constant exchange of information with us and provision of advice to us on an ongoing basis.
Agata Piórko, HR Director


HJ Heinz Polska

“ … The recruitment services of the firm Human Resources International Polska are provided on a very high level. HRI has recruited employees for both managerial and specialist positions. The recruitment process is conducted efficiently and professionally. HRI personnel have high professional qualifications, are pleasant and favourable disposed to their Client. … I am fully convinced in recommending the services of the firm HRI to other firms that value the high quality, professionalism and integrity of services. …”
Janusz Lach, Director for Human Resources and Communications


Carlsberg Polska

“Carlsberg Polska cooperates in the field of personnel consultancy with the firm HRI Polska and entrusts recruitment projects to it. To date projects have concerned the identification and recommendation of candidates for middle management positions and have beenCcompleted successfully and the competences of the employees taken on have been highly appreciated in their departments. … Our evaluation of our cooperation is very positive. HRI’s employees are a professional team which is open to the client’s needs and furthermore carries out recruitment assignments efficiently, resolving on an ongoing basis problems that appear and, which is equally important, reporting periodically on the results of their work. We are ready to recommend the firm HRI as a reliable supplier of personnel consultancy services.”
Monika Skibińska, Regional Personnel Manager


Ekoplon SA

Human Resources International Polska carried out an Assessment Centre Project for Ekoplon SA. The quality of implementation of the project deserves praise, since the commitment of HRI consultants went well beyond the generally accepted standards. … The tools developed were suited exceedingly well to the needs of the project and made possible in-depth evaluation of the Candidates. The project was completed on time and the quality of service was more than satisfactory. With full conviction we recommend the firm HRI as a tested partner for the implementation of AC projects.”
Roswita Gajewska-Sajkiewicz, Authorised Representative


Kujawskie Zakłady Poligraficzne DRUK-PAK SA

 “Kujawskie Zakłady Poligraficzne DRUK PAK SA have made use of the recruitment and personnel consultancy services of Human Resources International Polska. The company successfully carried out projects for the recruitment of qualified and experienced managers. The Candidates presented meet our requirements and expectations and the employees taken on have successfully fulfilled their obligations. On each occasion we have worked together successfully. HRI's team understands the realities of the labour market, commits itself to the assignments entrusted to it, is open to the Client’s expectations and tries to understand its needs. It uses flexibility and creativity to search out the best solutions and strives to ensure that projects are conducted effectively. … ”
Paweł Kalbarczyk, President of the Management Board

„(…) W trakcie wspólnie zrealizowanych projektów konsultanci Human Resources International Polska wielokrotnie udowodnili swoja skuteczność w badaniach rynku i docieraniu do szerokiego kręgu potencjalnych kandydatów. Poza profesjonalnym poziomem świadczonych przez firmę usług, na uwagę zasługuje również niezwykłe zaangażowanie, dyspozycyjność i otwartość firmy na realizacje naszych wysokich oczekiwań. Z pełnym przekonaniem rekomenduje usługi firmy HRI Polska Sp. z o.o. wszystkim firmom poszukującym profesjonalnego serwisu w zakresie rekrutacji i godnego zaufania partnera. (…)””